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     This page is just starting out, but eventually I hope to have tons of information on each of my main interest.  Basically if there is something I search for online and can't find, I will try to get it on this site, as well as links to the main pages I go to.


 Things I am into


-Paintball/ Airsoft/ Lasertag


-Drawing (comming soon)

-3D Graphics with Blender (coming soon)


All the latest site News will be here:

11 -25- 07:  It hasn't been a year yet :).  It looks like I am actually adding some content to the site now, I still wish I had more time to work on it.

11-30-06:  Added a new laser tag page. I will keep a lot of the information on my open source laser tag project here.

7-27-06:  Wow I can't believe this site has been around for 2 years.  After several months of down time due to a server move it is back up.  Some stuff will still be missing due to the move.

For now you can check out Galen and me spending some time at his land.

10-25-04 : Still dragging behind to get this site up, for now

Check out my silly flash cartoon that I made to learn flash.


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