Fisch Tag



       Welcome to my lasertag page.  I know there are other DIY laser tag setups out there, but when I originally started this there were a few things I wanted different.
1.  Run on MSP430s for low development cost.
2.  More information in the send signal and possibly shorter time wise.
3.  The ability to easily switch guns and use stationary guns
4.  Wireless taggers.  Coil cords seem to do a great job getting caught on every tree in the woods.
5.  Get away from ISD sound chips.

There are a few other things but that is the larger reasons.  Plus I just like doing stuff myself.  I also wanted surface mount components to keep things small.  These days SMD parts are useable for the hobbyist.

1.  I like MSPs because they are pretty powerful low power processors that come with a free development environment that can handle C.  You can get the ez430-F2013 that comes with a USB programmer and a board for $20.  You can also get 3 more boards for $10.  Several companies have similar options now but TI was one of the first I found to not have  $100 programmers.  All of my code so far can be found here.

2.  A more efficient send signal allows more shots per minute and/or more information to be sent.  You can see my protocol here.

3.  The ability to switch guns means that the main processing components need to be separate from the tagger.  This has the added side effect of making it easy to fit all the tagger components in a pistol.  You can see my system architecture here.

4.  Wireless taggers has been really big on my wish list.  There are a few things I have tried but this has actually fallen down the list somewhat.  You can see all about my wireless attempts here.  I think I finally have a good module identified just need the time to work on it.

5.  The ISD chips seem like a hassle and take up a lot of space when an MSP can play sound.

Here is a list of all of the Lasertag pages on this site.

-IR Protocol and Damage Tree
-Pistol Conversion
-Weapon Overview
-Core Unit Overview
-MSP430 Code
-Wireless setup
-Sound Playback
-IR receiver test