Pinnacle August 15th 2005

Something about knowing you are in for a day of manual labor makes you really lazy.  Here we put the two chairs in the front loader of the tractor and then road the tractor over to some shade to sit and enjoy some Gatorade so we didn't die later on in the heat.

After we were done, we loaded them back into the tractor. This is my view from the back as we rode it back to the picnic table a whole 100 feet away.  I guess guys do stupid stuff like this when they have a new tractor to play with :)

So, we're all hydrated now and ready for some work.  You can see the two cement pipes we have to lay in this picture.


Here are two "before" shots. I say before because we already did a day or two worth of work grading it out.


Ahhh yes, we are awfully good at getting tractors stuck here.  But we have gotten enough vehicles stuck at his land that we are also getting awfully good and getting them out. :)

Here you can see a big rock I threw under the front tire to help give it some traction.

Its helped a little but since the back tire looked like this we had to get the jeep and tow strap to get the tractor out.

No pictures of pulling it out since one person has to drive the jeep and one person has to drive the tractor.  So we got back to work, dug a little more, and rolled the first piece into place.

So we could place the second one a little better we used the tractor and a chain.

I had to jump on so you guys will believe that I was doing some work as well. :)


See the close up shot emphasizes how much work I did that day.......

We couldn't get the pieces right next to each other because of the chain so we had to move it into place.  That was the most work I have ever done to move something a half an inch.

Galen, looking thoughtfully on the pipes now that we actually got them laid.

That's just to serious for me, so I had to strike my model pose. Now that I think about it... why didn't I do a GQ pose!

Galen was just taking pictures of the inside, but I honestly think this is on of the coolest pictures I have seen in a long time.

Now we have to fill it back in with the dirt we dug up last time.

Here you can see it is starting to get filled in.

This is what the road is leading to.  Pretty awesome hunh? There is a more primitive camp site off to the left. Unlike the shelter we usually sleep under.

Well now its time for some food so we drove out to get mexican. I was taking random pictures while we were driving, and I put this one on here to show that we didn't set the chairs back up after we dumped them out of the loader. :)  It still puzzles me how we can work so hard and be so lazy all in the same day :)

Now we are back and the jeep has made it across the creek.  Which a jeep could do before, we are just making this road so trucks and such can drive over here to.  That hill feels a lot steeper where you are inside the jeep :)

The rest of the pictures are just me messing around while we took a hike down the creek, which is my favorite thing to do there.  I'm trying to mess around with some photography fundamentals.

Here I put the exact same picture as the last one to make sure you are still paying attention. :)

This is really cool looking.  I tried to put the cool part on one third of the picture, since that is one of the fundamentals I alluded to previously.

For this one I was trying to practice a little framing with the shore line and the fallen tree.  I think it frames the creek pretty well, but I probably should cut out the top of the picture.

This is the best view on the land, but it seems like its missing something.

I think I was slowing the shutter speed down here so you could "see" the flowing water

I know that is what I was doing here.


Definitely one of the coolest looking trees I have seen in a long time. Can you see a face in there, cause I can.

A shot from the other side.  Man that is so cool!

Galen, cooling off before we head back.


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